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PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2024 7:20 am 
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In an escalation of the U.S.-backed genocide of Palestinians, Israeli forces are beginning a ground invasion of Rafah in Gaza. They’ve seized control and closed the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, an essential entry point for aid. They’re bombing the city where 1.5 million Palestinian civilians—including over 600,000 children—are trapped.

For months, Netanyahu told the world he was going to continue the genocide of Palestinians with an invasion of Rafah, even if a ceasefire is reached. President Biden sent more weapons even with Netanyahu’s intentions made clear. A majority of members of Congress and President Biden just sent Israel’s military over $14 billion—with absolutely no conditions on upholding human rights.

Today is a deadline for President Biden’s administration to deliver a report to Congress about whether Israel’s use of U.S. weapons is in violation of international or U.S. law.

While human rights groups and media outlets like the Guardian and the Washington Post have clearly documented the Israeli government’s human rights violations, the Biden administration has continued to shield Israel’s government from accountability.

Please sign onto this petition to Congress and President Biden today: End all U.S. military funding for the Israeli apartheid regime and push for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, which includes a complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza as well as the release of all hostages and those arbitrarily detained.


Displaced multiple times by thousands of U.S. bombs in the past 7 months, Rafah’s refugees have been continually pushed southward to so-called “safe zones.” Now they’re in the southernmost part of Gaza and there is nowhere safe to go.
Nearly 80% of civilian infrastructure in Gaza has been destroyed. There are no universities left in Gaza. Multiple mass graves have been uncovered at several hospitals that Israeli forces have recently withdrawn from, including hundreds of bodies found with their hands tied behind their backs.

But instead of outrage in Congress about that, many of my colleagues are pushing to undermine our constitutional right to protest this genocide. Too many lawmakers would rather condemn anti-genocide protesters than condemn—or try to stop—these horrific war crimes.

As Biden Administration Staffers for Ceasefire and Congressional Staff for a Ceasefire Now said in a statement this week:

“Now is the time for Members of Congress and President Biden to lead with the moral clarity that saves lives… We are calling on President Biden and our bosses in Congress to listen to their constituents as we have: Demand an immediate end to Israel’s assault on the civilians of Gaza before it is too late.”

Please join the call to demand Congress and President Biden end all U.S. military funding for Israel’s apartheid regime and push for an immediate, permanent ceasefire.


Thank you. We must continue to demand our leaders listen to the majority of their constituents who oppose these atrocities.

In solidarity,


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